Personal - David J. Lanners

David, Donna, Kappi, & Molli

Happily married (1970) to Donna.
Pictured with Kappi (Oct '05) and Molli (Aug '06) our toy poodles.

David, Donna, Kappi, & Molli

Our son, Joseph (born in 1972) earned his MBA from UTD in 1997.
Pictured with Christine (his wife) and their two daughters.

Dallas Residence

Residence in Dallas, Texas.

Tree Training

Hobby #1: Training Trees (Start early and practice patience).

Sound Art - Homophones

Hobby #2: Collecting Homophones (phonetic pairs & groups).

Hobby #3: Designing and developing pro-bono websites.

Sound Art - Homophones

Hobby #4: Writing lyrics for inspirational songs.



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