LCSI develops and delivers project management training in both individual and group settings.  All seminars feature exposure to modern project management techniques, providing a "best practices" orientation.  Hundreds of satisfied attendees attest to the quality of our seminars.  The testimonials shown below are actual comments from a cross-section of our attendees:

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"Secrets" of Effective Meetings    $297

Typical LCSI "Secrets" Seminar Typical LCSI "Secrets" Seminar
LCSI "Secrets" Seminar
Typical Large Room
LCSI "Secrets" Seminar
Typical Large Room

Testimonials from seminars presented by David J. Lanners:

What is your overall assessment of this seminar? . . . (Responses)

How have you benefited or how will you benefit from this seminar? . . . (Responses)

What did you find most useful in the seminar? . . . (Responses)

What is your overall assessment of this seminar?

Extremely useful and applicable to my daily work.

Very good, well structured and very informative.

Outstanding program- very informative.

Very interesting tools/hints.

The program and contents are excellent!

Mr. Lanners is one of the best presenters that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.


Help me bring the best work out of my teams.

It gave me more confidence in projects, decision making abilities.

Very informative to new and existing project managers.

Mr. Lanners kept everyone’s attention and didn’t waste time covering same material over and over.

Excellent introduction to the framework of professional project management.

Great program!  Mr. Lanners is a seasoned speaker and great instructor.

Excellent presentation of the material.

It is so much better when the presenter has had hands-on experience in the field.

Very well designed course content.

Mr. Lanners’ knowledge and humor kept the “grasping” level high.

An excellent seminar which has given me a working knowledge of project management.

It was obvious that the instructor is a subject-matter expert.

As a new project manager, I found the class motivating, stimulating, and very informative.

Excellent program.  I learned various tools that will help me in my job.

This seminar is a “must” for everybody involved in managing project teams.

Excellent.  Even for lessons learned for managing people not just projects.

This was a great program.

An effective program that clearly defines project management.

Informative program with great examples and activities that helped me apply principles learned.

After attending several project management seminars.

This was by far the best - especially in relation to what will assist me with real world scenarios.

It was excellent.  I got a lot of value from the course.

This was a very good use of my time; I take real world knowledge back to the office with me.

I think the program is great for professional development.

Great program and knowledgeable instructor.

Lots of good tips in a short time period.

Excellent course with lots of practical applications.

This program will make me much more effective in my job.


Great overview of the subject.  Excellent instructor and presentation

Very productive and insightful.

Quite good – very useful.  I appreciated emphasis on the social aspects of project management.


Great overall content.

Mr. Lanners is a skilled program leader who shares his experience and knowledge in a way that benefits others.

Outstanding value and results.

An engaging session focusing on what is truly important in project management.

Informative, valuable, and resourceful approach to teaching project management.

I think it was great!

There is a lot of useful, applicable information.


Very informative!

Excellent teacher with a quality presentation.  Mr. Lanners conveys experiences well.

Very good program.  Would recommend this to anyone who manages projects.

Current content, excellent.

Well put together.  Very useful.

Very good, I would recommend it to others.

Interesting and well worth the expense and time

Very informative and interesting.  I am now equipped with tools to perform more effectively.



Very beneficial

Very professionally put together.  Excellent speaker.  Well organized and structured.


Very good, practical examples.

Very good coverage of what a project manager is and how to be successful.  Especially in two days.

Very helpful.  I’ll use this information tomorrow.


How have you benefited or how will you benefit from this seminar?

The short-term benefits will begin immediately, and the long-term benefits will increase the productivity of my group

Learning how to use tools to organize and manage projects.

The lessons learned will be a great springboard to the PMP certification I am working towards.

Despite years of project management, I have learned many new techniques in this seminar.

Practical tools and methodology to implement in my day-to-day routine.

The learned tools that will enable me to manage projects more effectively.

I knew the terminology before the program, but the program gave me application examples that made those terms make more sense.

I learned a lot of new techniques and got a good overview of project management.

The communication and relationship building techniques will be of great value to me

I have benefited from this program because the information I received I will be able to use in my career path.

Will apply learned knowledge immediately.

Gave me a number of tools and ideas to use.

Use some of the lessons learned and apply to real life encounters.

It will help in my current job and where I plan to go in my career.

Learned new concepts and ideas that I will immediately apply towards improving my results and overall performance as a project manager.

Able to apply new and better techniques.

Learned and practiced skills to be successful.

I now have different tools that will benefit in thinking through how I will approach group project.

 What did you find most useful in the seminar?

Recap of “lessons learned” throughout the course.

Quick pace, real life examples, breakout sessions to apply lessons learned.

Identifying skills/attributes that make for a superior project manager and understanding how/what to do to be a better team member.  By knowing the characteristics for a good project manager, it helps those who are supporting that project manager to be more effective in their own individual roles.

The breakout sessions are effective for understanding and practicing what is being communicated.

The “learn by doing” was helpful, also broke up the day and afforded opportunity to network and interact with class members in smaller groups.

The communication techniques and people management skills were most useful.

Real life examples were very useful.

Most useful information from this session was all of the “Lessons Learned”.

Break out sessions with “real life” examples.

Mr. Lanners’ extensive knowledge and real-life accounts of project management greatly added to the overall value of this session.

Understanding that you can accept responsibility without authority.

How to communicate with the team more effectively

I found all information intriguing and useful.

I found everything very useful.

A very positive experience!

Very good – amazed at how well we followed the time frames and agenda.

Planning & Risk issues:  Provide hands-on practical information that was new to me.

The “Project Management Body of Knowledge” guide and the training exercises.

Very thorough session- effectively covered all disciples of project management.

The focus on communication and team building was most helpful.

Breakout sessions and Mr. Lanners’ real world examples were the easiest to relate to.

I especially liked the exercises.  I learned a lot about team dynamics and myself as a leader.

Real life examples- applications of ideas learned.

Communication skills and managerial approaches

The personal insight and behavioral skills discussed.

Mr. Lanners’ real life experiences and how he handled them.

Breakout sessions and the discussions following them.

The real life examples and Mr. Lanners’ advice on behavioral situations added value for me.

The breakout sessions and getting “nuggets” to the workplace for immediate use

Being able to apply lesson learned to my job right away.

Group sessions and examples Mr. Lanners gave of his past experiences.

Miscellaneous take-away lessons, comments, insights, Mr. Lanners’ delivery method.

The gems of advice that dealt with people and leadership skills.  Advice you usually wouldn’t find in technical project management books.

The way Mr. Lanners taught the material.  I’ve been to several workshops on this subject and found this one the most beneficial and inspiring.

Group contributions to outlining the most valuable points within the course reinforced content.

Very thorough, detailed presentation and group exercises.

“Nuggets” and breakout sessions that highlighted group dynamics kept the seminar interesting.

The real-life examples/applications.  The breakout sessions.

Very good instructor.  Very good and detailed information.

The “real-world” examples

Breakout sessions and real life business situations.

WBS; soft skills to PM success; breakouts were good, excellent instructor.

The most useful part of this session was having an experienced (real world) instructor take us through the project management process.

The knowledge of the instructor.

Instructor’s professional approach and candor in teaching increased the effectiveness of the course.  The insights that Mr. Lanners shares are beneficial to the course.

Breakout sessions and attendee interactions, Mr. Lanners’ personal experiences.

Genuine concern for the topics and project management

Real life experiences discussions.

The “gems” to take back to utilize at work place.

"Review and Analysis of Lessons Learned” (Accomplishments Listing)

Identify lessons learned.  Mr. Lanners’ insight on how to accomplish tasks and achieve goals by carefully setting up measurements and building relationships.

Materials and references; Nuggets.

Mr. Lanners is a great instructor!

Real life experience and clear advice.

The thought that project management is a profession, not just a job function.

The “gems” were most useful for me.

Team exercises.  Gems.  Mr. Lanners has a pleasant voice which fosters learning.

Speaker’s experience.  Regular review of “Gems”.

Breakout sessions and reiterating gems (What we’ve learned).

The lessons learned highlights – 32 gems

Experiences shared by the instructor.

Breakout sessions – interaction.

The instructor’s knowledge and work experience.

Breakout sessions and the lectures using overheads.

Competent project managers can expedite projects to completion, enhance quality, and save their companies money. This intensive seminar gives participants the opportunity to gain practical skills and useful tools that help them lead and motivate project teams, meet deadlines, cope with various project management constraints, assess risk, implement change, link tasks to resources, work across functional boundaries, document and report project status effectively, and much more.

Our most popular two-day seminar is designed to provide you with practical skills that improve project processes and outcomes.

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