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Keynote Presentations and Workshops


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Popular Topics:

"Guidelines for Ethical Influence" (Getting Things Done)
        Why right versus wrong is not the only value dimension.

"Fearless Project Leadership"
        Value analysis for the next generation of project managers.

"Quality from the Top"
        Helpful techniques for developing executive influence.

"Management vs. Leadership"
        Real differences and why we should care about them.

"Organizational Project Management Maturity"
        Understanding the OPM3tm model from PMI.

"Influence without Authority: New Leadership Models"
        Why accepting responsibility is the first step.

"Narrow Focus & Broad Appeal: Marketing For Growth"
        How simple messages attract decision-makers.

"From Chaos to Creativity:  Managing High-Performers"
        Why anxiety is an essential ingredient for success.

"Negotiating for Win-Win:  A Step-by-Step Approach"
        How to get from frustration to satisfaction.

"M-Factors: Manufacturing for Service Delivery"
        Inferences from the evolution of value-adding labor.

"Executives Anonymous: A 12-Step Recovery Program"
        How dysfunctional behaviors can be overcome.